Backyard Design Team in The Woodlands, TX
Creates a Unique Travertine Patio

Recently, Amazing Landscaping, a backyard design company in The Woodlands, Texas had the opportunity to install a unique travertine patio for a client.

The pathway from the side gate leading to the patio is lined with lush bermuda grass and beautiful ornamental plants which complement the wall that leads up to the entrance of the patio. 

The travertine tiles add an elegant touch by the pool and provide a stunning backdrop for even more ornamental plants.

The client was delighted with how this creative project turned out and has received lots of positive feedback from friends and family. It’s no wonder why this backyard design team is so well-loved!

From its gorgeous lush green landscape and stunning travertine tiles, it’s easy to understand why this backyard design project was such a success! 

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