A Dream-Like Transformation at
The Woodlands, Texas

When a Texas homeowner wanted to transform the side of their pool into something special, they called on our local landscaping experts at The Woodlands. We took up the challenge and made their dreams come true with an eye-catching finished product.

The client’s pool was bordered by flagstone pavers, but our team proposed the idea of using concrete tiles that looked like wood for a unique look. After carefully measuring the area, we began to excavate the existing flagstones and replace them with concrete tiles. This process required precision and attention to detail so as not to disrupt any other structures around the pool.

Once all of the tiles were in place, we added a layer of polymeric sand (which helps keep out weeds) followed by multiple layers of sealant for protection against water damage. To bring even more life and beauty to this outdoor space we planted trailing ivy along the wall, adding some greenery that gave the area a rich and almost magical feel.

In just a few days time, our client had gone from having an ordinary pool with bland flagstone pavers to enjoying an oasis filled with lush greenery and beautiful wood-like tiles – they absolutely loved it! With such great results it’s no surprise that our landscaping services have become so popular among homeowners in The Woodlands area. Our team understands how important it is to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces – transforming ordinary yards into dreamy escapes!