Artificial Turf Installation
Get the Look You Want At A Price You Can Afford

We recently had the pleasure of working with a customer in The Woodlands who wanted to spruce up their patio and fence area. Their goal was to create an outdoor space that “looks nice”.

Since “looks nice” means different things to different people, we spoke with them further about what they wanted.

Talking with them, their primary concerns were to have a space that would:

  • Stand up to a lot of use
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Be affordable to install

As they were also elderly and didn’t want to have to get a lawnmower or pay for a lawn service, our solution was to install artificial turf next to the existing patio and fence.

As experienced landscaping professionals, we knew this was the right choice.

Artificial turf:

  • Is an easy-to-install product, saving this customer cost on our labor
  • Provides lasting beauty with very little upkeep required.
  • Is resistant to UV radiation (keeps it’s color over time)
  • Offers durability against wear and tear
  • Provides lower cost compared to natural grass or sod installations (especially over time)
  • Can create a beautiful contrast between different exterior elements.

Once we had agreed on the project details, our team got right to work on the turf installation.

As is usually the case, we work hard to making sure our work runs smoothly and efficiently and within the timeline we provide at the time we provide a bid.

During preparation, before laying down the artificial turf, we made sure that soil composition and drainage were considered.

Obviously with the deluge of water we can get from a hurricane or tropical storm in The Woodlands, drainage is a very important consideration.  We wanted to be sure that water would flow away from the patio area, so we prepared the soil to be sure there wouldn’t be any standing water accumulation.

For the installation itself, we secured the turf before trimming around edges using specialized turf scissors, and installed a decorative hedge along the edges of the turf.

The final result was exactly what our customer had hoped. The artificial lawn near their patio complements the design of their outdoor space and will provide years of use with minimal hassle or upkeep!

Our customer was delighted with how it came out, so mission accomplished!

At AmazingLandscaping, we take pride in helping customers bring their outdoor dreams to life; this turf install project was a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence.

If you have an artificial turf project you’d like us to look at and give you a quote on, please contact us today!